Life is Beautiful!


Sitting here in front of my laptop  on this special day reminds me of that little girl within me who used to stand in the balcony with sparkling eyes filled with hopes-hopes for a better tomorrow,a better living.Her heart would cry as loud as someone screaming next to you yet much before the age she learnt the art to silence that into a laughter and smile on her face.

Little did she knew what is life all about she just cared for the celebration with cakes and balloons .Absence of those would make her feel miserable as each year passed by . And now that I look back I see a beautiful me who has evolved as a winner through all thick and thin .

I have learnt to appreciate life as it comes, because life is so beautiful and its as beautiful as you see it.Its the vision that matters and not a mission. I believed in the game called give and take but as life has taught me now its more of giving that can really bring you the happiness which can make the connection with “YOU” even stronger and better.And that’s when you realize that there is so much to look upon each day and so many people really need you than you being the needy all the time.

Whats the use in cribbing and wasting the valuable time with regrets for things that didn’t happen and for things you couldn’t change.I thank God for every bit of it as it has gained me the power , the knowledge to understand the hidden meaning of life and to treasure it even more for the coming years. 

Live ,Love ,Laugh and Pray is what I know now and I wish to spread this like a fragrance of a blooming flower under the rays of sun 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me 🙂


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