“Hope”- 2015


Sitting by the window , I think about the future. And I whisper  with my both palms clinched together “how I wish…”.
It’s the hope that awakens me for the brighter 2015. Rightly said by someone , I quote – “Hope is the most powerful weapon ,even when nothing else remains”.
It’s the faith  in the spirit of nature and the laws of cause and effect that motivates me, to try harder and reach where I want to be . It’s not so easy I know for the reality  pulls you two steps backwards when you try to move one step forward. How ironical!
Still I believe in “Me” and I know that I can unleash my highest potential no matter what . It’s me who can paint a bigger picture to achieve my dreams and it’s me who can fill as many colours in it.
What a wonderful feel , I adore. 2015 I look upon you , I await for you . Twinkling eyes of mine , smiles with a little prayer.
I wish it opens the big bright door of joy & happiness for all my loved ones and others. May the prayers get answered and the world becomes a better place to live in.


Heavy Heart!

It’s a big lump which doesn’t go that soon. The battle of mind and heart is crucial. It’s the fight between what you are doing and what you really wish to do.
I await for that golden light which can guide me all through.
I look back on the things which ones I wanted to get rid of ,but I realize now  that they are the things which I am badly longing for.
The “business” is a heavy task I laugh. It can earn money but not happiness which I had during my teaching days.
I don’t regret on my decisions but I am a little disheartened and broken .
May be it’s the “Me” who is missing now and it’s may be it’s “Me” who is trying to evolve .Evolve as a winner and stop conditioning myself forever. It’s not the appreciation that I seek but a little more that I need!