The Agony!

It’s about that phase in a women’s life when the battle between the heart and mind makes her most miserable of all and compels her to go backwards in the time which she would like to redo again & again or probably think of undoing the current unpleasant sights for the rest of her life.

Yes, its about the battle of a daughter in law and a daughter .The heart that tears open into two facets of her life creates the agony which can be introspected & felt deeply only by her.

Her heart runs every second for those two important people of her life who not only nourished her with the best comforts but also made her realize that love is simply unconditional .This realization when bestowed upon with the different name tags creating a whole new personality,ruins the internal infant who is still longing to hold her daddy’s little finger and get warm sleep on her mommy’s lap. 

Life is unfair her heart would scream in excruciating pain amidst her sleep, uncountable tears that make her pillow wet eventually dries up with the rise of the new day. She gives her best to gather the courage to smile so that the world can once again say “oh she is a strong women, It’s the duty after all “.

Yet on hearing this , tears roll down once again on her cheek, biting her lips tightly she keeps numb for she has to preserve the promise she gave to the only God she knows ,the promise to smile forever and play the best roles as the laws of the society demands.

The salty water that blurs the vision makes the morsel the most difficult thing to swallow.Forcefully gulping it down reminds her of the time that she was once fed by utmost care & love to ensure she imbibes best strength of all.

However that same strength obstructs her from running to them to cry it out aloud & get a hug for one last time,to vent out the struggle she never ever imagined and to express the craving of being besides them forever.

Being married gives her a new name,a new place a new family but the world forgets that she is still a daughter who longs for that old shabby blanket & the little world she left forever , which once gave her immense contentment of being in this journey called “LIFE”and which is now the most difficult thing to find!!!

With undefinable love & gratitude for her parents,

A Daughter.

“Love you Mom & Dad forever” 



“Hope”- 2015


Sitting by the window , I think about the future. And I whisper  with my both palms clinched together “how I wish…”.
It’s the hope that awakens me for the brighter 2015. Rightly said by someone , I quote – “Hope is the most powerful weapon ,even when nothing else remains”.
It’s the faith  in the spirit of nature and the laws of cause and effect that motivates me, to try harder and reach where I want to be . It’s not so easy I know for the reality  pulls you two steps backwards when you try to move one step forward. How ironical!
Still I believe in “Me” and I know that I can unleash my highest potential no matter what . It’s me who can paint a bigger picture to achieve my dreams and it’s me who can fill as many colours in it.
What a wonderful feel , I adore. 2015 I look upon you , I await for you . Twinkling eyes of mine , smiles with a little prayer.
I wish it opens the big bright door of joy & happiness for all my loved ones and others. May the prayers get answered and the world becomes a better place to live in.

Heavy Heart!

It’s a big lump which doesn’t go that soon. The battle of mind and heart is crucial. It’s the fight between what you are doing and what you really wish to do.
I await for that golden light which can guide me all through.
I look back on the things which ones I wanted to get rid of ,but I realize now  that they are the things which I am badly longing for.
The “business” is a heavy task I laugh. It can earn money but not happiness which I had during my teaching days.
I don’t regret on my decisions but I am a little disheartened and broken .
May be it’s the “Me” who is missing now and it’s may be it’s “Me” who is trying to evolve .Evolve as a winner and stop conditioning myself forever. It’s not the appreciation that I seek but a little more that I need!


Life is Beautiful!


Sitting here in front of my laptop  on this special day reminds me of that little girl within me who used to stand in the balcony with sparkling eyes filled with hopes-hopes for a better tomorrow,a better living.Her heart would cry as loud as someone screaming next to you yet much before the age she learnt the art to silence that into a laughter and smile on her face.

Little did she knew what is life all about she just cared for the celebration with cakes and balloons .Absence of those would make her feel miserable as each year passed by . And now that I look back I see a beautiful me who has evolved as a winner through all thick and thin .

I have learnt to appreciate life as it comes, because life is so beautiful and its as beautiful as you see it.Its the vision that matters and not a mission. I believed in the game called give and take but as life has taught me now its more of giving that can really bring you the happiness which can make the connection with “YOU” even stronger and better.And that’s when you realize that there is so much to look upon each day and so many people really need you than you being the needy all the time.

Whats the use in cribbing and wasting the valuable time with regrets for things that didn’t happen and for things you couldn’t change.I thank God for every bit of it as it has gained me the power , the knowledge to understand the hidden meaning of life and to treasure it even more for the coming years. 

Live ,Love ,Laugh and Pray is what I know now and I wish to spread this like a fragrance of a blooming flower under the rays of sun 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me 🙂

The Beginning!


Better late than never,I have finally attempted what I have been longing for! Yes I have found this place where I can vent out everything and anything that I want .Isn’t it great to have that space of your own, where you don’t require anyone except your thoughts and “YOU”.

My first “BLOG” as they say and I am really excited about it.

Its just the beginning and I hope to make it a better place for all those you can be part of it.

“Thoughtswordaction” is an endless process which plays within us every single minute of our lives. And it is very important to understand the underlying meaning of it.It is my attempt to make this process even simpler and make the connectivity better.