The Agony!

It’s about that phase in a women’s life when the battle between the heart and mind makes her most miserable of all and compels her to go backwards in the time which she would like to redo again & again or probably think of undoing the current unpleasant sights for the rest of her life.

Yes, its about the battle of a daughter in law and a daughter .The heart that tears open into two facets of her life creates the agony which can be introspected & felt deeply only by her.

Her heart runs every second for those two important people of her life who not only nourished her with the best comforts but also made her realize that love is simply unconditional .This realization when bestowed upon with the different name tags creating a whole new personality,ruins the internal infant who is still longing to hold her daddy’s little finger and get warm sleep on her mommy’s lap. 

Life is unfair her heart would scream in excruciating pain amidst her sleep, uncountable tears that make her pillow wet eventually dries up with the rise of the new day. She gives her best to gather the courage to smile so that the world can once again say “oh she is a strong women, It’s the duty after all “.

Yet on hearing this , tears roll down once again on her cheek, biting her lips tightly she keeps numb for she has to preserve the promise she gave to the only God she knows ,the promise to smile forever and play the best roles as the laws of the society demands.

The salty water that blurs the vision makes the morsel the most difficult thing to swallow.Forcefully gulping it down reminds her of the time that she was once fed by utmost care & love to ensure she imbibes best strength of all.

However that same strength obstructs her from running to them to cry it out aloud & get a hug for one last time,to vent out the struggle she never ever imagined and to express the craving of being besides them forever.

Being married gives her a new name,a new place a new family but the world forgets that she is still a daughter who longs for that old shabby blanket & the little world she left forever , which once gave her immense contentment of being in this journey called “LIFE”and which is now the most difficult thing to find!!!

With undefinable love & gratitude for her parents,

A Daughter.

“Love you Mom & Dad forever”